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The 6 Best Free Activities to do in Northumberland


When staying away, we tend to look for things to do that are popular, but they can sometimes be costly. The simple activities that we don’t always think about are often just as fun as the complicated, pricey ones. Read on to find out what we think are the 6 best free activities in Northumberland for the next time you stay at our Northumberland campsite.

1. Dog Walks in Northumberland 

There are lots of great walks for you and your dog to enjoy all around Herding Hill Farm. Whether you are looking for a gentle stroll or a tough climb, there are lots of dog walks in Northumberland for everyone to enjoy.

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2. Visit Kielder Observatory

Kielder Observatory is the ideal spot for days out in Northumberland. Located in the Kielder Water and Forest Park, Kielder Observatory is a perfect experience for all the family. Kielder Observatory is an astronomical observatory offering stunning views of the night sky, with events to suit everyone. 

3. Mr George’s Museum of Time 

Located only 13 minutes from our Northumberland campsite is Mr George’s Museum of Time. The museum showcases the collection of Diana Bell, a watch and clock repairer from Northumberland. Explore the wide selection of mechanical timepieces, keys, tools, and parts dating from the 18th century to the late 20th century. Click here to find out more. 

4. Spend the Day Castle Spotting

Why not spend one of your days out in Northumberland castle spotting? Northumberland is home to more castles than any other county in England. With many enchanting castles and ghostly grounds to explore, it will be an enjoyable day out. There might even be some you recognise from films. 

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5. Visit Hexham Abbey

When staying at Herding Hill, why not visit Hexham Abbey on one of your days out in Northumberland? The historic abbey dates to the 7th century, making it a prominent tourist attraction in Northumberland. Unlike other places of worship, it is still free to visit. Only a 23 minutes’ drive from our Northumberland Campsite.

6. Take a Stroll in the Northumberland National Park

Located only a 13 minutes’ drive from Herding Hill Farm is Northumberland National Park, a beautiful park with rolling hills and scenic landscapes. This is the perfect spot to get away for days out in Northumberland. It is even one of the least-populated national parks in the UK, attracting people from all over the world to enjoy the heritage and history of this unspoilt place. 

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