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Campfire recipes for your camping trip in Northumberland


When camping or glamping Northumberland there is nothing better than sitting under the Northumberland dark skies enjoying an open campfire. The smell, the crackle, the feeling of warmth and well-being. Catching up with friends and family, listening to stories, sharing memories and enjoying being together all add to a warm feeling of nostalgia as you watch the flames of the fire flicker. You might even get the children away from their gadgets to join in too! Being outdoors is good for mental health and certain types of food always tastes better outdoors. 

Herding Hill Farm is one of the best campsites Northumberland to enjoy some traditional camping food on a fire pit campfire. We offer fire pits for hire on all our touring and tent pitches and Wigwam cabins and a fire pit is supplied for guests staying with us in our Castle Pods. Fire pits are perfect for keeping warm when stargazing and children love toasting marshmallows or melting s’mores on the open fire. Simply add a fire bowl on at the time of booking or call us on 01434 320175 to add a firepit to an existing booking. Fire pits cost £15 per stay.  

If you are looking for inspiration on what to cook on your BBQ or campfire or what to eat when camping Northumberland, carry on reading for some traditional camping food and easy campfire recipes UK. 

What is a S’more? 

Originating from the US and now a firm favourite child-friendly campfire recipe UK, a s’more is a roasted marshmallow and melted chocolate layer sandwiched between 2 biscuit layers. The marshmallows are toasted over the fire pit until they are scorched and gooey. The word “s’more” is believed to be a shortened version of “some more”. Our favourite biscuit for a s’more is a rich tea. And don’t eat too many, one is normally enough! 


Hot Dogs and Sausages 

If you don’t know what to eat when camping, one of the simplest and tastiest firepit recipe is a sausage or hot dog done on the griddle plate and served in a finger roll. Vegetarian sausages taste just as good. Top your sausage with whatever takes your fancy – fried onions and peppers, chilli, chutney, relish, coleslaw, mustard, tomato ketchup. If you are feeling creative why not make your own baked beans by combining haricot beans and onions with chopped plum tomatoes, garlic, red wine vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce. 


Steam in Foil 

Foil is a useful piece of equipment for a campfire recipe as it can be used to steam meat, fish and vegetables without them becoming too charred and to prevent the outside from burning before the inside is properly cooked. Chicken, salmon and roasted vegetables are all delicious cooked this way. Chicken nachos could also be prepared by layering tortilla chips with marinated cooked chicken strips and cheese. Top with diced tomato. One of our favourites is garlic and chilli prawns served with fresh lemon. Traditional camping food such as baked potatoes, potato wedges and corn on the cob wrapped in foil are also wonderful roasted on a campfire, topped with butter and some chilli flakes. 

Fruit is also great roasted in foil over a campfire, perhaps with some alcohol or chocolate. We love banana and melted Toblerone or pineapple glazed with spicy rum. Baked apples with dried fruit and cinnamon are a healthy alternative. 

Create a Kebab 

Layer bamboo sticks with marinated meat, fish, shellfish, halloumi cheese and vegetables. The Greek cheese Halloumi is perfect as a fire pit recipe or on a BBQ as it holds its shape as it cooks. Just remember to soak the skewer sticks in water first to prevent burning and make sure that any chicken is cooked in the centre. There are a huge range of marinades available to buy but it is simple to make your own by combining herbs and/or spices with vinegar and olive oil. Why not serve with a fresh Greek salad? One of our favourites is an Indian style marinade made by combining garlic, ginger, turmeric, garam masala and lemon zest with plain natural yoghurt Serve with chapatis, pitta or flatbreads. 

Chicken skewers

One pot stews 

Sometimes it pays to be prepared when camping in Northumberland and bring a pre-prepared one pot casserole or stew that can simply be easily reheated over the open fire. Mexican beef chilli, tagine or a vegetable and lentil casserole are perfect fire pit recipes when feeding a crowd. Add a hint of chilli or spice to keep you warm on a chilly evening. Spanish bean stew with diced potato, chicken, chorizo and cannellini beans is also a filling option. 

Beef stew


Campfire meals don’t have to be restricted to evening meals. You can create some great breakfast firepit dishes. Add some scrambled eggs, cheese and sausage to a corn tortilla wrap, roll, wrap in foil and then roast on the fire until the sausage is cooked. Burgers can also be eaten topped with a fried egg. Turkish peppers, onions, tinned tomatoes, a sprinkle of paprika and fried eggs (shakshuka) is a great breakfast campfire recipe. 

Fire bowls are supplied with matches, a bag of logs and kindling and additional logs are available to buy in Reception. We offer a range of other Optional Extras including BBQ and meat packs to enhance your stay. Please note that all fire bowls must be hired from us and we do not allow open fires.