A warm welcome awaits you in the shadow of Hadrian's Wall

Car Free Travel in Haltwhistle, Northumberland

Why travel car free to Herding Hill Farm?

Money jar

Save money

Travelling car free when camping Northumberland is a great way to save money. By choosing alternative options such as getting to your destination by foot, you can save money on parking charges and petrol, enabling you to spend your pennies on the good stuff – food, drinks and attractions at your Herding Hill Farm getaway.

Reduce emissions

Car free travel is a great way to reduce carbon emissions, something which is becoming increasingly important as we continuously move towards an eco-conscious world. Less cars on the road also reduces noise pollution.

Reducing emissions
Lots of traffic

Reduce traffic

Avoid the hassle of sitting in traffic as well as doing your bit for the environment by reducing traffic congestion and the risk of road traffic collisions. Travelling car-free is safer and may be less stressful than travelling at peak times on congested roads. You can travel by foot, train or bus when you visit Herding Hill Farm. We are lucky that in season (Apr-Oct) the AD122 Hadrian's Wall bus stops at the entrance to our 5-star Northumberland campsite. The bus can be used to visit most of the Hadrian's Wall attractions and you can even enjoy a pint of Northumberland ale along the way! For a child friendly guide to exploring Hadrian's Wall by bus check out the North East Family Fun blog HERE

Increase exercise and improve physical health

Travelling car free is a beneficial way to increase your exercise and what better place to do it than in the beautiful heart of Northumberland? With so many attractions in the local area, there’s no need to bring your car along with so many amenities accessible to you. Exercise also gives you more energy to enjoy your time at Herding Hill Farm. Active travel also improves children’s health.

Pair of legs running

Improve mental well-being

Fresh air and outdoor exercise is known to improve mental well-being so walking or cycling instead of driving can make a positive difference to your state of mind. Arriving somewhere under your own steam can boost confidence and create a feeling of independence. It also means that you slow down and appreciate what is around you rather than racing from one destination to another. We also tend to talk to each other more when we are out and about.

Escape the crowds

It is often easier when travelling by foot or by bike to escape the tourist hot spots clustered around the main car parks and find unspoilt and peaceful new areas. Rural Northumberland is full of special places just waiting to be discovered. 

Watching the sunset

Opportunities to engage with nature

We all know that we see so much more when we are immersed in our natural landscape rather than watching it flash by through a car window. From fleeting and special Northumberland wildlife moments to chancing upon a stunning view or landscape, none of this is possible unless you take to your feet or your wheels.