A warm welcome awaits you in the shadow of Hadrian's Wall

Corbridge Roman Town


If you are looking for something interesting to do while you stay at Herding Hill, why not visit the historic Roman Town of Corbridge?

Corbridge Roman Town is an English Heritage site, located on the outskirts of modern day Corbridge, a local town that hosts one of the most fascinating Roman sites in England.

Remains Of Roman Fort At Corbridge

Corbridge, originally known as Coria, was once a bustling Roman Town and supply base, where romans and civilians would pick up food and provisions, right until the end of Roman Britain in the early years of the 5th century. It also played a pivotal role in Roman control over what is now northern England. Corbridge is often considered part of Hadrian’s Wall defences, but it began much earlier. Their first fort in the Corbridge area was built in AD 79. This fort was used to aid the invasion of southern Scotland by Agricola. Around AD 86 the fort was abandoned, and a new fort was built at the present site. This site offered a good location for a bridge across the river.

Remains Of Roman Columns At Corbridge

In 1964, archaeologists in the area uncovered a wooden chest, bound with leather and iron. Inside the chest was a collection of weapons, armour, and tools. These included some of the best-preserved examples of segmented plate armour in Britain that is all held in the museum on site.  

 At Corbridge Roman Town, you can still walk through the old town’s streets and experience the roman life with the remains of granaries, a fountain house, markets, workshops, and temples all around. You can also discover fascination finds including, roman armour and trinkets uncovered with the Corbridge Hoard at the museum. 

If you are hesitating because you don’t want to leave your dog behind. Don’t worry because dogs are welcome on a lead, so they don’t have to miss out!

When you arrive back at the campsite, the fun doesn’t have to stop there for the kids as they can explore our very own Roman fort adventure playground.   For more information or to book your tickets click here.