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How To Keep Your Dog Cool Whilst Camping This Summer


There can be nothing better than a Summer spent camping in Northumberland with your dog - long evening walks, chilled drinks in the sunny beer gardens of dog friendly pubs Northumberland, woodland walks and fun on the beach. What better way to celebrate the return of the holiday than spending Summer in Northumberland with your four-legged friend? What advice do we have about how to keep dogs cool in Summer when camping in dog friendly Northumberland? 

Beautiful big dog, laying down enjoying the sunshine and the campsite

Select a pitch with some shade for your dog 

When camping in the Summer in Northumberland, where possible select a tent or touring pitch in the shade or pitch in an area that will be coolest during the hottest hours of the day. This will ensure that your accommodation is at its coolest when you return to it. How to keep dogs cool in summer is to keep doors, windows and curtains closed where possible even during the day, particularly those that face the direct sunlight. 

Never leave your dog alone in your car or accommodation no matter how short the time, even with the windows open. Dog shades on the rear windows can help dogs when travelling in excessive heat. Ensure they have lots of water and avoid travelling in cars during the hottest part of the day. 

Bring the right equipment 

Make sure you bring everything you need to keep your dog cool and comfortable during the heat. Our dog checklist is a useful reminder. Plenty of bowls is an essential and ensure that you pack plenty of water if you are going out on a walk. A shaded crate is a good idea if your pitch is likely to be in direct sunlight. A dog cooling mat is also an excellent investment. For active dogs used to lots of exercise you may need to bring other calmer forms of entertainment to amuse them inside and keep them calm and out of the heat.  

Keep your pet hydrated

How to keep your dog cool to avoid heatstroke is vital. Dogs are unable to regulate the heat as humans can as they are unable to sweat through their fur coat. Be alert to signs of heat stroke including excessive panting, lethargy, confusion, foaming, shaking or vomiting. If you dog shows any of these symptoms act quickly by moving them to a cool place, keeping them calm and still, cool them if possible with a towel, cool water on their feet, ears and head or on a dog cooling mat. Give them water. Consult a vet as soon as possible. 

Make sure you have a bowl of fresh water, regularly topped up and encourage your dog to drink from it frequently. If you are going out for a walk, take plenty of water and portable dog bowl for them to drink from and stop frequently to encourage them to drink. There are plenty of dog friendly pubs Northumberland for you to take a break in whilst you are out. Our favourite dog friendly pubs close to Herding Hill Farm Camping and Glamping 

Lovely dog, watching its owner pouring her fresh cold water into the bowl.

Plan your walks 

Never take your dog for a walk in the extreme heat and always make sure the ground is safe to walk on. Pavements can get very hot and burn a dog’s paws. Dogs also regulate their own temperature through their paws so they should never be allowed to get too hot. If you can’t hold your hand on the pavement for 15 seconds or walk bare foot on it then you shouldn’t take your dog on it. 

An early morning or evening walk will be much better for your dog than going out at mid-day. If you are out walking in dog friendly Northumberland, make sure you take regular breaks in the shade.  

Try to avoid fields with animals in, particularly young cows and if you do enter ensure that your dog is on a short lead and that you place yourself between your dog and the cows. Do not allow your dog to upset the cows. If you are approached by cows whilst out walking do not panic and continue walking slowly and steadily towards your exit point. They are normally just being curious. Never run or shout aggressively at them. Nudge them away gently if they get too close. If they get agitated let your dog off the lead and seek the nearest exit. Your dog will normally be able to take care of itself. Keep your body facing the cows at all times but do not make eye contact.  

Find a cool or shaded spot 

Try to find some shade whenever you can or a patch of water for your dog to cool down in. A shaded woodland walk Northumberland under tree cover can provide some protection. Some of our favourite woodland walks in Northumberland are Allen Banks and Staward Gorge, Haltwhistle Burn, Hareshaw Linn Waterfall and Kielder Forest.

It is normally cooler on the coast so why not visit the amazing coast and castles of Northumberland when staying with us at Herding Hill Farm. All the Northumberland beaches are dog-friendly, with restrictions at Blyth, Newbiggin-North and Ross Back Sands only between April and September. Our Northumberland beaches are amongst the cleanest and most spectacular in the UK. 

Before letting your dog swim in open water make sure it is safe to do so, there are no hidden currents and that water is algae free. If possible find clear shallow streams for them to quickly cool off in.

Little Dog asleep on the camping chair

Keep your dog tick free 

Ticks are a common problem when out walking. Ticks are most prevalent between March and September. Prevention is better than cure so if you spend a lot of time in a rural location visit a store such as WCF Pet & Equestrian for advice on tick prevention and tick repellent products and application. 

When out walking in dog friendly Northumberland, avoid long grass and if possible, walk to the centre of the path away from the vegetation. Ticks can also bite humans so wear long clothes if possible. Examine your dog closely after the dog walk Northumberland to ensure there are no visible ticks. Make sure you part the fur and feel for bumps. If your dog has ticks remove it immediately using a tick hook; if you are unable to remove the tick, contact your vet. 

Herding Hill Farm Camping and Glamping is a dog friendly campsite in Northumberland and offers grass tent pitches with electric, hard-standing touring pitches with electric and glamping pods with hot tubs and is perfect for spending the Summer in Northumberland. 

For more advice in relation to your dog visit:  https://www.wcfpetandequestrian.co.uk/ourguides/dogs