A warm welcome awaits you in the shadow of Hadrian’s Wall

LVAD Cycling - Coast to Coast: 100 miles along Hadrian's Wall


The Electric Cranks Cycling Club are a group of pre and post-op heart and lung transplant patients using electric bikes to aid their recovery and  wellbeing. In June, The Electric Cranks rode 100 miles along Hadrian's Wall, from Bowness-on-Solway to South Shields in order to further pioneer the effectiveness of the LVAD and raise awareness of those living with an LVAD and severe heart failure. 

The Electric Crank Group, on the beach

What Is A LAVD?

An LVAD, or Left Ventricular Assist Device, is a mechanical pump that is implanted in the patient's chest to help pump blood from the left ventricle to the rest of the body. It is used to treat heart failure in patients who are not responding well to other treatments, such as medication and lifestyle changes. The LVAD is connected to the patient's own heart and blood vessels and is powered by an external battery pack. It is usually considered a bridge to transplant, meaning it is used as a temporary measure to keep the patient stable while they wait for a heart transplant.

Herding Hill Farm WigWams

Here's how our inspiring cyclists got on and why we chose Herding Hill Farm

The inspiring cyclists chose to stay at Herding Hill Farm camping and glamping site as they loved the idea of camping, but wanted to have access to great washing facilities and power to charge their electric bikes and LVADs. The home comforts of our cosy Wigwam cabins suited the members of the Electric Cranks who had less experience with camping.

“In February, we started organising this ride, so we picked a reasonable day and just drove up from Blackburn to have a look around at some campsites along the cycle route. We had looked online and had a list of four possible accommodations. Now strangely, Herding Hill Farm was not on that list."

We started out with a campsite up the road which was perfectly nice but I knew for people who had never camped before, it would be a big ask. It was for real hikers. As we drove away from it, we saw the sign for Herding Hill Farm and thought we should go in and have a look.

Sue and Phil were doing jobs outside but came up and engaged with us, and from then it just fell into place. They got the medical issue straight away which was really important. We knew this was the right place for us and booked immediately.

It’s been a marvellous stay and we’ll be coming again. If you’re planning to bring the family up, it’s a beautiful place - immaculately kept and we loved the animals as well. It feels so friendly and welcoming, and of course the guys are able to charge all of their equipment at once.” Jackie Gower, wife of Bob Gower (Electric Cranks Cycling Club)

Thankfully, the 100 mile cycle challenge was a huge success. The group smashed their fundraising target and reached South Shields to dip their front wheels in the North Sea and complete their epic Hadrian’s Wall Coast to Coast ride! Well done Cranks, a great achievement. Watch our Youtube video to find out all about the Electrick Cranks.