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A warm welcome awaits you in the shadow of Hadrian's Wall

Running Water Wigwam Cabins

Wigwam Cabins with Hot Tubs

If you're looking for a wigwam cabin with hot tub, our running water Wigwam cabins are the perfect choice for glamping Northumberland,! Each named after famous landmarks along Hadrian's Wall. Below you will find more details on each location which we'd highly recommend visiting on your visit to Herding Hill Farm.

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Cawfields Quarry

Located just 1 mile from Herding Hill Farm, the spectacular setting of Cawfields Quarry attracts visitors day and night since it is also one of the best places for stargazing in the UK. From here you can walk East to Steel Rigg along one of the quietest but most spectacular sections of Hadrian's Wall. With soaring crags, a small lake and benches it’s also a picturesque spot for a picnic.

Steel Rigg

The starting point for one of the most popular walks along the Wall, the soaring cliff face of Steel Rigg is just a short walk from The Sill National Landscape Discovery Centre. Spectacular views await as you follow the line of the Wall towards Crag Lough. The area is also popular with abseilers.

steel rigg
sycamore gap

Sycamore Gap

One of the most iconic and the most photographed spots in Northumberland, if not the whole of the UK, Sycamore Gap was the setting for the 1991 film Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, starring Kevin Costner and is one of the most popular walks of our guests. It also features on our own logo.


Just 8 miles from Herding Hill Farm, and one of the best preserved forts, Birdoswald Roman Fort, or Banna as it used to be known, is the starting point for a wonderful walk down to the River Irthing. Cross the river on the site of the old Willowford Roman bridge to view Willowford Fort, a fabulous section of Hadrian’s Wall. From its commanding position there are also amazing views of the famous Whin Sill crags for which the Wall is so well known. There is an excellent café, museum and visitor centre.



Arbeia Roman Fort guarded the main sea route to Hadrian’s Wall at South Shields and housed around 600 Roman soldiers. Today it is an excellent reconstruction and an interesting museum.


Located in the aptly named Wallsend, Segedunum Roman Fort guarded the Eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall and was formerly used as a garrison. Its museum exhibits reflect the coal mining and ship-building heritage of the location of the fort.



Located just off the Military Road, a short drive from Herding Hill Farm, this ruined Temple of Mithras was named after a god worshipped by Roman soldiers. Brocolitia meant ‘Badger Holes’ in Celtic.

Broomlee Lough

Broomlee is one of four Roman Wall Loughs or lakes formed from glaciers in the Ice Age. It can be explored on foot from Housesteads Roman Fort taking in Sewingshields Crags which have excellent views. Take a look at the Ordnance Survey map on the Reception wall to plot your own route.

broomlee lough
cuddy's crag

Cuddy's Crag

This walk between Housesteads Roman Fort and Steel Rigg is one of the most popular on Hadrian’s Wall and just 5 minutes’ drive from Herding Hill Farm. It features one of the most dramatic sections of the Wall.


Located in West Cumbria, Ravenglass is a small coastal village famous for its narrow gauge steam trains on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway. The fort of Glannoventa was located here to guard the harbour.