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Top 10 Tips for Camping in Spring - Short Breaks UK


When spring comes around, so do lighter nights, blossoming flowers, wildlife, and new-born animals, giving us the perfect sign to return to the outdoors and enjoy some UK short breaks.   

Herding Hill Campsite is open all year round, however, there is something about camping in spring that makes it one of the most enjoyable times to do it. We have put together our top 10 tips for camping in spring for UK short breaks to help you prepare for a relaxing and enjoyable trip.

1. Plan Activities for All Weather

When camping in spring, it is a good idea to have backup activities planned in case the weather is going to stop you from what you originally had planned. Maybe bring some books or board games for the evenings.

Check out our blog for things to do near Haltwhistle and Herding Hill Farm.  

2. Check the Weather Forecast

Springtime weather is usually dry, with warmer days and cooler nights; however, the UK weather is very unpredictable. It is important to check the weather forecast before you go camping or on UK short breaks UK, so you know what to expect and can prepare a bit better.

3. Pack for All Weathers

Make sure you pack for all possible weather conditions. Pack some light and breathable clothing for any outdoor activities during the day and layer up in the evening. Don’t forget to pack some extra footwear and waterproofs, as spring can also mean April showers!

4. Enjoy Family Friendly Camping Games

Whatever the weather, there are plenty of fun family games you can play while camping in spring.

5. Pack Suncream and Bug Repellent 

With the weather getting warmer and flowers starting to bloom, camping in spring means there might be bugs around, especially if you go out walking. Sunburn is also common in the spring.

6. Enjoy the Springtime 

To soak up the breath taking beauty of the North East and on your UK short breaks, enjoy the outdoors and explore Northumberland. Take in the local history, camping in the heart of Hadrian's Wall country at Herding Hill Farm. 

7. Choosing the Right Accommodation

When booking any UK short breaks, make sure you choose the right accommodation for you. Whether you enjoy camping and touring, glamping with hot tub, or luxury lodges, we have something for everyone at Herding Hill.

8. Plan Hot & Hearty Meals 

When camping, it is important to keep your body full, warm, and happy. If you are looking for some ideas or local spots to eat when you are staying at our campsite, read our blog for some food inspiration when camping.

9. Be Respectful of the Environment

Herding Hill Farm is located right next to Northumberland National Park, which is a protected area. When staying with us, it is important that you follow the Leave No Trace principles, especially in areas that are still recovering from winter conditions.

10. Enjoy Camping in Spring!

Camping in spring can be an amazing experience if you’re prepared. Enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors and have fun!